Charlotte ‘t Hart & Karin van der Veen win Joop Mulder Plak at Oerol Festival!

ArtScience Bachelor alumna Charlotte ‘t Hart and her colleague Karin van der Veen, together Hart van Veen, have won the Joop Mulder Plak at the Oerol Festival on the Dutch island of Terschelling with their multisensory project Klankvoer — Hap van het Wad. The 10673 euro of this prize is to be spent for two-thirds on a new project, to be developed for next year’s Oerol. Congratulations! More information here (in Dutch).

Winning! Natalie Fyfe, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou and Philip Vermeulen

Natalie Fyfe, just graduated in the Master ArtScience, won the Royal Academy Award for Best Final Master Exam — as well as the ArtScience Interfaculty Department Award for Best Final Master Exam!
Philip Vermeulen, fresh Bachelor ArtScientist, won the ArtScience Interfaculty Department Award for Best Final Bachelor Exam!
Last but not least, also with a brand new ArtScience Bachelor diploma, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou has won the Encouragement Award of The Hague Art Centre Stroom.

We are very proud!