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As part of the admission and selection procedure for the ArtScience bachelor programme we ask you to demonstrate your artistic talent, intellectual curiosity and affinity with a wide range of artistic disciplines. You’ll be asked to show examples of earlier work and explain your motivation to study at the ArtScience Interfaculty. Since the programme is taught in English we expect you to sufficiently master spoken and written English comparable to IELTS level 6 or internet based TOEFL 83.

What is needed:

In order to be selected for the entrance examination we ask you to send us the following material:

–        your letter of motivation
–        your resume (curriculum vitae)
–        your portfolio
–        your assignment description including sketches
–        a set of official documents

please note that all written material should be in either Dutch or English.

Letter of motivation

In the letter of motivation we want you to give an overview of your current artistic activities and to describe your vision for the future. We ask you to:

• describe your artistic past; explain your motivation behind getting involved in the arts; illustrate your artistic development and explain the choices you have made so far
• describe the main topics you are interested in concerning art, science and culture and explain the reasons for your interest. Illustrate your description by using works and concepts of others. (this can include specific art forms, subcultures, genres, styles, artists that inspire you, philosophical ideas, scientific research topics, developments in society etc.)
• explain why you want to study ArtScience
• give an outline of what you hope to achieve during your studies at the ArtScience Interfaculty
• describe the kind of art that you want to develop during your studies
• describe what you imagine yourself doing after finishing your study
• indicate questions you might have regarding your choice to study at the ArtScience Interfaculty

Resume (curriculum vitae)

This should cover:

• your full name, current address, phone number and email address
• your nationality, date and place of birth
• your previous education
• your artistic past (see also portfolio, below)
• your musical skills (including instruments played)
• your mastered techniques
• your work experience
• your language skills


Your portfolio should give of a good overview of your past artworks and/or artistic activities. We’re interested in all art forms (including music, visual art, interdisciplinary art, media art, theater, film, etc). While the documentation should include copies and/or documentation of your works we also expect you to write short texts describing the individual works, illustrated with photos, drawings, reviews, etc.

In the case of time-based documentation (audio / video / etc.) we ask you to indicate one piece (or part) that you absolutely want to be viewed or listened to by the admission committee.

Digital documentation should run on both Mac and PC. You are requested to use common file formats: jpeg, gif, tiff, pdf, mp3, wav, aiff, flv, quicktime (mov), avi, txt, rtf, word (doc/docx/odt), powerpoint (ppt/pptx/odp)


As part of the entrance examination we ask you to develop a proposal for a work of art you would like to make. There is one important requirement: the work should appeal to at least two senses. Sight and hearing are often chosen but you are welcome to choose another combination of senses. The proposal should consist of a written description and include sketches in image, sound or other media.

Official documents

Bachelor candidates should follow the procedure on the online admission page. In StudieLink the candidate will upload all the official documents like copy passport, a visa (when applicable), a copy of relevant diplomas etc.
Besides this official administration the ArtScience department asks the candidate to send the material, which is needed for an entrance exam, by Dropbox as described below.

How to apply

Besides submitting the online application form on KABK website we ask the candidate to prepare a digital submission using Dropbox.

Digital submission

The digital submission should include:
– your letter of motivation
– your resume (curriculum vitae)
– your portfolio
– your assignment description including the (audiovisual) sketches

All written materials should be in Dutch or English.

We ask you to prepare a Dropbox folder with all the material inside of it. Once your material is complete we ask you to send us a link to the folder. We explicitly don’t want you to share the folder with us. Please send the Dropbox link to the Interfaculty Admissions staff.

For more information:


Admission Interview

Once your digital submission is complete you’ll be invited for an admission interview in person. If you cannot attend in person an online interview will be arranged.


If you have any questions regarding the ArtScience programme and/or the admission process please contact the Interfaculty Admissions staff.

Important dates

Deadline for submission of your digital application is 1 March 2024 for all candidates!

You will receive a notification whether you will be invited for an interview mid March 2024. The interviews will be planned in the period from 25 March to 05 April 2024.

You will receive the results of your entrance exam mid April 2024.

In case you can’t meet the submission deadline we ask you to contact the Interfaculty Admissions staff.