Self-study and Coaching

Studying at the ArtScience Interfaculty, Bachelor or Master, is concentrated around the individual development of an experimental approach towards the arts in the broadest sense — ideally crossing the borders of them into unknown territory. Apart from the offered courses and abilities to extend knowlegde from other departments and institutions in art, science and humanities, studies at ArtScience rely on individual and collective exploration. The study programme supports this in a number of ways. Central is the personal coach every ArtScience student consults. With the coach, a student plans their study plan, research, individual projects, choice of internal and external courses and everything else concerning artistic and professional progress. Above that, there are other means of interaction to guide students in their individual development: the Manic Mondays in the second semester where lectures, presentations and other activities are organised around communal lunch with the whole faculty, and where students have the chance to talk to other teachers than their regular coaches. The presentations, where students every year show their progress in individual work by presenting their etudes, prototypes and sketches (semester 1 and midterm presentations) and final work of the year (second semester presentations). For Bachelors there are periodic Bachelor Meetings per year to discuss ongoing issues. For Masters there are frequent Master Meetings which are central to the Master programme. Students present and discuss their research progress there intensively. During the graduation year, Bachelor and Master students organise their own Preview Show in the second semester, from funding to location, from general curational theme to public relations — being their final test before graduation. For the thesis, graduating students are offered a ‘Thesis Boost’ in two parts in the second semester: individual guidance by expert Merel Boers.