Theatremachine videoregistration


This is the result of the theatremachine research group 2014 :

Playing with the generally accepted laws and rules of theatre, a group of 20 ArtScience students is attempting to deconstruct the dynamics of the theatre space. The Theatre Machine is a multi-sensorial experience primarily focusing on the environment of theatrical space where light, sound, image and movement are the main actors while the audience is invited to stroll through this continuously morphing landscape and become familiar with it in a laid back manner.

Samiha Awad, Áron Birtalan, Luke Boorman, Victoria Douka-Doukopolou, John Fanning, Moritz Geremus, Angela Heerooms, Isabella Hissom Molina, Kasper van der Horst, Eveline Klop, Tatiana Kolganova, Natela Lemondzhava, Katinka Marac, Marius Mathisrud, Giselle Ripoll, Andreas Sahl Andersen, Yaprak Sayyar, Ronald Schelfhout, Thijs van Teijlingen, Phillip Vermeulen, Alexander Benjamin Vinther, Beng Yuenyong


Eleven New ArtScientists!

We proudly present 11 new ArtScientists:
Bachelors Moritz Alive, Áron Birtalan, John Fanning, Gaby Felten and Ronald Schelfhout,
and Masters Sebastian Frisch, Jonathan Reus, Jet Smits, Angela de Weijer and Emily Whitebread.

The ArtScience Interfaculty Bachelor Department Award was won by Ronald Schelfhout. Congratulations!

Do not forget to visit the KABK Graduation Show, including our eleven graduates!
Prinsessegracht 4, Den Haag — 11.07.2014 until 19.07.2014. see for details.