Sound and Vision – 25 years music pioneers

We are excited to inform you about the upcoming NTR Podium documentary:

Sound and Vision – 25 years music pioneers

a documentary by Jaap van Eyck

November 23rd, 13:00, NPO 2 (Dutch public television)
November 24th, 24:00, NPO 2 (Dutch public television)

This year the ArtScience Interfaculty celebrates its 25th anniversary. The NTR has taken this memorable moment as an opportunity to make a documentary portrait of three of our alumni and one current student: Erfan Abdi, Nanda Milbreta, Matthijs Munnik and Leon Spek. The four artists are successfully developing their own art forms and building new connections between music and other art disciplines. The documentary follows them while preparing and presenting their exhibitions and performances through the Netherlands.

The ArtScience Interfaculty is an interdisciplinary bachelor and master programme that fosters curiosity driven research as an approach for the making of art. The programme considers art and science a continuum and promotes the development of new art forms and artistic languages. The ArtScience Interfaculty is embedded in both the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. The ArtScience Interfaculty was founded in 1989 by Dick Raaijmakers and Frans Evers.docu