recplay lab

Some of the research topics that are adressed in the RecPlay Lab are multi-player interfaces, improvisation structures, noise art, feedback in image and sound, realtime composition systems, spatial compositions and interaction with architectural elements.

Its practical focus will be on developing improvisations and compositions and on developing ensemble playing using unconventionall instruments. The labcoaches of RecPlay are Robert Pravda and Kasper van der Horst.

This studiolab is an extension of the RecPLay group that has existed since 2001. For a number of years, students have participated in this live electronica and mechanica improvisation group initiated by Robert Pravda. It has had regular performances in various well-known as well as obscure venues, for instance in places like Vooruit, Gent, Zeebelt, Den Haag, Worm, Rotterdam, TodaysArt festival and EXIS, Den Haag, RADIO West, STRP festival Eindhoven, Korzo and many more.