Selected Alumni

Matteo Marangoni
Focusing on the potential of listening to establish new connections between people, places and objects, Matteo Marangoni’s performances and installations employ field recordings, sound archives, computer programming and DIY electronics.


Gabey Tjon a Tham
is an installation artist working with a variety of media and art forms. Her work consists of re-contextualized excerpts from reality that acquire their form within an architectural space.



Ivan Henriques
is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working in multimedia installations examining different perceptions of time, memory and environment. He explores in his works hybrids of nature and (technological) culture creating new forms of communication between humans and other living organisms.


Mariska de Groot
Intrigued by the phenomena and history of optical sound, Mariska de Groot makes and performs comprehensive analog light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore this principle in new ways.


Dieter Vandoren
Drawing from his diverse backgrounds in music, informatics and interactive architecture, he is currently occupied with the development and performance of spatial, immersive audiovisual instruments with a strong focus on the embodied aspect of performance.


Joris Strijbos
works in the fields of expanded (live) cinema, audio performances and kinetic-light-installations. He is one of the persons behind “Macular”, a collective which focus is mainly on the synaesthetic relation and interaction between moving image and sound.


Nicky Assmann
explores in her work how the body relates to objects and spaces and refers to scientific and natural phenomena. The skin, both visible as invisible is a recurring metaphor in her work and is extended into the space. This phenomenological approach results in the use of different media, like wearable technology (embodied instruments & objects), performance and more recently kinetic light installations.

Daan Johan
is an artist who explores the technology from the past to create new instruments, often with a form of sculptural value and craftsmanship. He is one of the persons behind “Macular”, a collective which focus is mainly on the synaesthetic relation and interaction between moving image and sound.


Larse Kynde
is a composer. Besides new music, Lars Kynde composes new instruments and new systems of music notation. By building physical sculptures, mechanical machines, and three dimensional scores I seek new ways of constructing and comprehending musical structures.


Eric Parren
is an interdisciplinary artist. His work lives at the intersection of art, science, and technology and investigates transdisciplinary topics such as augmented reality, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence while being strongly rooted in the histories of experimental film, composition, and live performance.


Matthijs Munnik
is a new media artist whose work consists of performances and installations, that often play with the perception of the visitor.



Joost Nieuwenburg
Development over time connects the formally different outputs of Joost’s art practice. Shared experiences and the meeting of the other have an important place. His work has a process-based approach that results often in performances and installations.